Consumer products such as electronics are generally modelled in high detail as part of the manufacturing process, such as a hairdryer or mobile phone. You can export CAD models from software like Solids Works or Catia as IGES files and import them directly into 3DS Max or Maya. This is all you need to begin creating a photo-realistic render of a CAD file. You can request and customize various lighting approaches and material finishes. This allows you to create high quality images of a product before it’s put into final production and visualize what it will look like. When 3D models are rendered well they can often look a lot better than  actual photography. 


Creating effective marketing visualizations of products can often require a full 3D model or scene to be built in order to place the product in the right setting. Generally all that’s required is reference to existing designs, objects and styles in order to put together a mood-board. This board can be used to build a 3D model of something like a kitchen counter where you can place a model of a counter coffee machine, which is what it’s intended for and where it’s meant to be. You can create numerous material variations and come back to it at anytime down the line to render a larger resolution image or make stylistic tweaks. 


3D Modelling

3D modelling service for producing high quality 3D models of furniture, products, 3D replicas and photogrammetry scans.

3D Visualization

Turn your CAD drawings or concept art into a 3D model. Render images of prototypes, buildings, products and designs!

Product Render

Render photo-realistic digital images using a 3D CAD model. Effectively communicate with clients to market your design!

Automotive CGI

Use virtual studio lighting techniques or composite renders into photography using 360 HDR photography. Create images that speak louder than words!

3D Medical Animation

Step by step create a concise storyboard that shows how a medical device should be operated or a procedure is to be carried out with CGI and animation.

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