Frequently asked questions

Every project is different, so unfortunately there is no straightforward answer. In general, it’s a fixed price per image.

In general, final renders are delivered in one to three weeks. Normally there is always a first and second draft to get materials and lighting look the way you want, model updates or adding different 3D assets, so the process can become quite involved. Occasionally, a 3D visualization is produced in a day, while some 3D models and 3D renders can take much longer, it all depends on the resolution and level of detail. Most renders can be processed in the studio over night or uploaded to a render farm for a fast turnaround. 

CAD modelling is not a service the studio provides. Polygon modelling with 3DS Max does not export STEP or IGES formats, although you can import those formats directly into 3DS Max. Polygon modelling is a 3D mesh made of squares you control using vertices or edges, unlike advanced surfaces which uses NURBS and spline curves. However, a NURBS model made in 3DS Max can be exported in IGES format. 

Depending on the model you require and your specific wishes we can source the assets you need from various online stores that sell 3D models used to populate all sorts of projects with beautiful 3D assets. 

There isn’t any 3D model that’s not 3D printable. One has to prepare the 3D file for printing by closing holes, welding seams and doing an STL check. Sometimes you can use a shell on the model to avoid printing excess 3D printing material, which can get unnecessarily expensive. 

Even if you don’t have matching HDR photography, there are several ways to match the scene as closely as possible. Often, you can get a good result by using similar HDR photography and studio lighting to highlight features. You can create a custom HDR dome from selection of existing locations that match your backplate. 


3D Modelling

3D modelling service for producing high quality 3D models of furniture, products, 3D replicas and photogrammetry scans.

3D Visualization

Turn your CAD drawings or concept art into a 3D model. Render images of prototypes, buildings, products and designs!

Product Render

Render photo-realistic digital images using a 3D CAD model. Effectively communicate with clients to market your design!

Automotive CGI

Use virtual studio lighting techniques or composite renders into photography using 360 HDR photography. Create images that speak louder than words!

3D Medical Animation

Step by step create a concise storyboard that shows how a medical device should be operated or a procedure is to be carried out with CGI and animation.

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