The most routine approach when rendering a CGI of a 3D product is to adopt studio lighting techniques. This can be done very effectively using HDR lighting software and plugins that let you work in real-time to place perfect highlights. You can build virtual props that are invisible to the camera to create light bounces and accurate raytraced reflections that appear on the model. A mixture of both techniques has been used to create the studio render on the right. Using HDR compositing, retouching techniques and applying filters creates a clean bright commercial finish.


Studio lighting is always a great way to bring a design to life and to create an advertisement. However, there are often times where it is best to place your product in a more creative or visual environment and built up an atmosphere or generate more dramatic effects. The render on the right uses a floor made of marble tiles and a bright skyline set into the distance to add a glowing horizon. Adding reflective caustics help ground the car using standard studio lighting techniques to highlight the bodywork with strip lighting. 


A widely used technique that has mostly been adopted by the automotive industry is photographing locations and matching 360×180 spherical panoramas. The picture on the right uses a 360 HDR dome that has captured the surrounding area to create the lighting and reflections of where the photograph was taken. You can add motion blur and add a 3D model of a driver. With this technique, you can render and composite any 3d model into a photograph. We can virtually bring your product anywhere!



Matte painting allows you to go even further in terms of building an ideal setting. Combing photographic elements together, called matte painting, lets you build a unique composite or plate which can be very effective. In this example, photographic footage was taken from two different locations and combined to create a new mountain top for a jeep. To match the lighting and reflections, various 360 HDR domes were composited. Some colour grading and cleanups bring the elements together to give the image a visually saturated effect. Haze and sunlight are added to give depth and atmosphere. 


3D Modelling

3D modelling service for producing high quality 3D models of furniture, products, 3D replicas and photogrammetry scans.

3D Visualization

Turn your CAD drawings or concept art into a 3D model. Render images of prototypes, buildings, products and designs!

Product Render

Render photo-realistic digital images using a 3D CAD model. Effectively communicate with clients to market your design!

Automotive CGI

Use virtual studio lighting techniques or composite renders into photography using 360 HDR photography. Create images that speak louder than words!

3D Medical Animation

Step by step create a concise storyboard that shows how a medical device should be operated or a procedure is to be carried out with CGI and animation.

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