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David Bodenstein
3D CGI Artist

Before David began his career as a 3D CGI artist he gained valuable experience designing and building bespoke furniture and sculptures. Since this, he has worked in different 3D design companies as a 3D Generalist and Post Production Artist making 3D models and digital imagery of products, concepts, buildings, human anatomy and visualizing items, such as medical devices, or designing fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). He has a thorough knowledge of product visualization and the post production process used to make this stand out. 
He holds an honours degree in Modelmaking Design and Digital Effects for Film and New Media from IADT in Dublin and has a higher certificate in Furniture Design and Manufacture from GMIT in Galway. David constantly adds to his 3D and digital art skillset by keeping up with the latest developments in programmes such as 3DS Max, After Effects, ZBrush… He was invited as a guest tutor to share some of his techniques to create an online tutorial for the Creative Development Series at Digital Tutors called Enhancing Automotive Design Concepts with 3DS Max and Photoshop.  


A studio providing 3D and CGI services – in other words creating a 3D model of anything like a plastic toy, machine, hoover, wrist watch, sofa or a building and using that 3D model to create a computer generated image or CGI. There is normally a technical and creative side to the 3D visualization process or you could say it’s just statics and sparkle. An image should be able to express specific details or functions that are built into a product and even go where nobody has gone before – virtual reality has no bounds. These days you can put a car on Mars sitting at your PC monitor. 


The studio is owned by David Bodenstein who is based just outside of Frankfurt in Greifenstein. Statics & Sparkle endeavor to create visuals that speak louder than words – caring about every form, material and detail to deliver realistic or stylish high-end images to market fast moving consumer goods, visualize a designer’s project or create the perfect setting to place your 3D product where it looks best. 

The studio offers a range of 3D and CGI services for 3D product visualization, generating digital media and rendering advertising imagery. Good studio lighting is an essential aspect of this business to enhance materials and lines that can showcase your concepts or designs at their best. This lets you stand out on the cover of a glossy package. We can build endless virtual scenes using only reference. With us you can place a product in the right environment, allowing you to render high resolution photo-realistic images that meet industry print standards.


3D Modelling

3D modelling service for producing high quality 3D models of furniture, products, 3D replicas and photogrammetry scans.

3D Visualization

Turn your CAD drawings or concept art into a 3D model. Render images of prototypes, buildings, products and designs!

Product Render

Render photo-realistic digital images using a 3D CAD model. Effectively communicate with clients to market your design!

Automotive CGI

Use virtual studio lighting techniques or composite renders into photography using 360 HDR photography. Create images that speak louder than words!

3D Medical Animation

Step by step create a concise storyboard that shows how a medical device should be operated or a procedure is to be carried out with CGI and animation.

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