Before doing something radical like creating a giant hole in the wall of an old apartment and filling it with a designer sink and shiny cupboards, it can be a good idea to see how it will effect the space. 3D visualization lets you do this! Visualization is an invaluable tool for any designer to effectively communicate with their clients and express what they have in mind. These types of 3D visualization can be as simple or as realistic as you require. 3D model furniture and objects to create the perfect interior design!


As buildings are getting more sophisticated, planning is getting more involved and difficult. One of the best ways to get planning and design your building is by using 3D visualization. Create accurate verified views using survey data to ensure a building is accurately set into a photomontage. Use the same model to create stunning marketing imagery to help sell your design to clients. Advertise to your audience what your building will look like inside and out before you start building it! 


3D Modelling

3D modelling service for producing high quality 3D models of furniture, products, 3D replicas and photogrammetry scans.

3D Visualization

Turn your CAD drawings or concept art into a 3D model. Render images of prototypes, buildings, products and designs!

Product Render

Render photo-realistic digital images using a 3D CAD model. Effectively communicate with clients to market your design!

Automotive CGI

Use virtual studio lighting techniques or composite renders into photography using 360 HDR photography. Create images that speak louder than words!

3D Medical Animation

Step by step create a concise storyboard that shows how a medical device should be operated or a procedure is to be carried out with CGI and animation.

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